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  1. Ciao io non ho mai fatto crossfit ma sarei interessata a provare potete darmi qualche informazione?
    Ciao Katya

  2. hi
    i am actually in rimini and i would like to come to a class. do you do drop is? at what price?
    do you do open gym?
    looking forward do meet you.
    kind regards
    Henda comitre

  3. Manje Woldhuis

    14 luglio 2017 at 19:22

    I will arrive tomorrow in Igea Marina. I’ll be there for a week on holiday. I would love to come train with you guys. I do crossfit in holland holland for over two years now. Can i come on mondaymorning? 8 or 9 o clock? Love to hear from you, ciao!

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